Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet with Android 3.1 in Testing


Currently I tested at Work Lenovo’s  Thinkpad tablet. Powered by a dual-core 1GHz Cortex A9 chip, Android 3.1, and a 10.1″ WXGA capacitive anti-glare IPS LED TFT display (1280×800).
I really plead for this tablet because I believe that the future of the ultraportable tablets lay in the more robust and performance oriented models, rather than on the ultra-slim and pretty tablets.
The price of the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet is at about 400€, so it’s not really a bargain price, but it is just the perfect product with a basic configuration.


The OS based on Google Android operating system 3.1, which comes installed on the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet model is definitely not for those of you who have owned and gotten used to a pure Android system. Most reviews praise the fact that it ships with over 30 apps preinstalled.



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