More than 15 years of data center and digital transformation experience. I have a passion for energy efficiency and green technologies. I have a strong interest in the digital revolution and strategic innovation.

My mission is to define and develop the right platform for the business needs, using human approach thinking, techniques and agile methods. I work closely with clients to meet their project goals and requirements, helping them implement information technology as efficiently and effectively as possible.

My vision is to improve infrastructure and technology through the implementation of information technology processes. I strive to create a world that is simple, usable and sustainable. A platform architecture that bridges the gap between sustainability, visual design, business strategy and technical implementation.

I believe that technology and innovation, particularly emerging trends in artificial intelligence, will play a key role in making the industry more efficient and effective.


I holds a Bachelor of Science from Ostfalia University and is a Technology Professional currently working as an IT Manager in Wolfsburg, Germany. Previous experience includes 10 years of IT Consulting & Business Management in Italy and Germany, provisioning technical guidance and support primarily for Technology, Government, Entertainment, Design, & Architecture Industry Sectors.

My career characteristics are driven by a true passion for interacting with people and fusing their needs with appropriate and productive technology solutions.

IT Architecture was primary focus over this Period in Germany. I played various roles during this period, providing me with broad experience and a reputation as a technical leader. Here are some of my key achievements:

• Leader of a very successful architecture practice that provided Enterprise Architecture services to different German Customer.

• Lead architect on a number of complex systems integration projects primarily in the Data Center and Services industries.

• I led many successful architecture-consulting engagements and established the architecture consulting offering framework for the architecture practice.

Technical Skills

Prince2, ITIL, RHCE, Data Center Design and Management, Engineering and Operations including: Infrastructure, Security, Networks, Linux/UNIX and Windows Servers, Systems Monitoring and Administration, Design and Implementation, Provisioning, Product Development, Pre-Sales Engineering, Project Management, Team Building and Leadership.

Just Now

Digital Innovation Lead

My role is to develop the digital innovation strategy and implementation roadmap for developing solutions across technologies to support the company’s growth ambitions. Provide high-level leadership and expertise in digital and my relationship with the business unit’s vertical market.

Identify and evaluate emerging technologies and trends and assess their potential impact on future business development.
Establish an organic growth strategy, acquiring new clients and projects and ensuring the onboarding of key resources as required.

  • Develop and grow the cloud-based and cloud-managed services business with a strong focus on business development.
  • Train, lead and win new projects for new and existing customers
  • Identify and target problems to be solved
  • Develop and validate solution concepts
  • Evaluate the impact of a successful outcome
  • Build strong business cases around validated ideas
  • Securing budget and executive support
  • Ensure that the innovation process does not become “innovation theatre
  • Manage customer expectations to build strong customer relationships
  • Identify and evaluate emerging technologies and trends, assessing their potential impact on educational practices and administrative and operational processes.
  • Monitor the implementation of activities to ensure quality of service and customer satisfaction.

 eco Mobility Competence Group Leader

Since January 2023, I has been heading the Mobility Competence Group at the eco Association. From my end, an important aspect is to achieve interconnection of all players involved in mobility solutions in Germany and in Europe. I am not only thinking of the manufacturing industry or providers of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions, but also, for example, municipalities, communities and cities that are looking for better mobility solutions or have already implemented best practices.

My main goal would be to create a platform where mobility actors can act together and exchange experiences, for example on use cases, their implementation and benefits, so that others can benefit from the experiences and know-how gained through the project.