To all my non-Italian friends


I’m sure you must be pretty confused about what’s been happening in Italy lately. It’s no surprise, most Italians are even more confused than you are, so allow me to present you with a point of view.

I read some articles from the popular press—The New York Times, The BBC, the Financial Times—and what they do is paint the picture of a country with no direction, with a populist clown-comedian against everything and everything making a lot of fuzz.

They don’t get it. They don’t have the slightest idea of what’s going on. We are on the verge of a historic change, and this interview from Euronews does a good job at explaining the situation a little bit.

This is not about Italy, it’s about the future of all the world. Italy may become the example of the first country in the world truly changing society, adopting a participatory system that looks at long term sustainability, puts into question the infinite growth paradigm, and promotes true transparency and honesty in the political process.

Watch it, it’s worth it.

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