My Experience at Data Centre World 2016


This year, I had the opportunity to attend Data Centre World (DCW) in London.
This would be my first time attending an DCW and the fact that I was provided with this wonderful opportunity made me determined to make the most out of my experience at DCW Annual.I felt a strong desire to attend DCW this year because I was searching for skills and ideas (SDDC, SDN, news about Data Centre Cooling) to bring back to my current position.

Like the new cooling system with NOVEC 7000 by Ebullient:

For a first timer, Data Centre World can be extremely overwhelming (only two Days), and I definitely felt this sentiment as I looked through the schedule of events for the conference. There were so many sessions that caught my eye.

After receiving tips from my mentor looking at the information provided by DCW’s own website, I felt prepared with information that would ultimately help me as a conference newbie. Some of the helpful tips ranged from professional development strategies, such as bringing business cards and networking ideas, to practical things that would make my experience more enjoyable, like cheap places to eat in London and key DCW social gatherings to attend.

At the DCW I meat a great group of professionals who are always willing to share experiences, resources, and ideas in order to improve the Data Center field as a whole. It was important to me, first and foremost, to bring back information from the conference and share it with my coworkers. A lot Ideas has inspired me, and I hope it will inspire my coworkers, even though they weren’t directly in attendance.

Data Centre World UK - with date

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