My Experience at the FIWARE SUMMIT 2022


FIWARE SUMMIT 2022 is an annual technology conference that covers a wide range of target audiences.

From connecting startups with investors to partners to having headliner talks that search for rivalry. It is one of the largest European technology conferences with over 450 attendees in beautiful Gran Canaria This post focuses on my personal experience as a 4-time Summit attendee.

I Think, the Summit was quite the rollercoaster. With a great surprise for me

The FIWARE SUMMIT 2022 was an exhilarating experience. From meeting up with friends new and old, being inspired by high-energy founders but also disappointed by remote and canceled talks it still ended with fond memories.

The Summit had good ideas and great concepts, but the execution was not excellent in many aspects. Putting more of a focus on not only talks on political topics but also adoption of technology accelerating the transition to sustainability would have been nice.

Nonetheless, it inspired me to get into the startup ecosystem again, so the goal of getting inspired was fulfilled.

The CEO Ulrich Ahle spoke about the future he and his vision see for technology. Of course, the European governments’s goal of building a “Unicorn Factory” is way easier said than done. This support from not only the industry but also politics was a great closing in my opinion.




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