Collaborative data use, an essential component of the mobility industry


The last meeting of ECO Verband e.V. KG Mobility this year on the topic of “Collaborative data use – an essential component of the mobility industry” in Berlin scored points with presentations on the shared use of data, the requirements for this and interesting use cases in the context of mobility.

This included insights into the automotive after-market and the interplay between data sharing and AI, the reduction of parking search traffic and how collaborative data use can optimize inner-city traffic. In addition, the example of Pontus-X was used to show how data can be made available and ultimately used for different applications.

GAIA-X project moveID releases component landscape

The infrastructure of “GAIA-X 4 moveID” is being designed as a foundation for novel digital business models around future mobility use cases. Such use cases include, e.g., “smart zoning”, i.e., pop-up traffic zones with restricted access, which is communicated and enforced in a fully digital manner. Another example, the “smart car factory”, would receive, collect, and analyze live data feeds from the sensors of car components – to help to learn how to improve components and the factory.

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