Data Space to boost the European data economy ContainerDays 2023


It was an honor to be able to speak at ContainerDays 2023 about the years of work on the ODP (Open Digital Platform) and now on large-scale projects like moveID. I am glad to be back at this event after such a long time,

I spoke about Data Space to boost the European data economy, Large amounts of valuable data are available in ecosystems.
However, they are often underused, and their full potential is not being extracted. The smart system of the future can be more efficiently operated and designed through a smart approach that considers its multiple sectors.
This means dealing with diverse data inputs, which is feasible if the interoperability between their corresponding data platforms is ensured. We aims to tackle this challenge and to implement an Data Space as City, Mobility and Industry.

ContainerDays 2023
ContainerDays 2023

The Open Digital Platform (ODP) is a key component of the digital infrastructure underpinning Wolfsburg’s ambition. The ODP takes an integrated master-planning approach from the ground up, optimizing and synchronizing the management and operations of mobility facility infrastructure on a unified cyber-physical platform.
It is designed to abstract data from ifrastructures and enable seamless development, integration and interoperability between these systems. In this way it optimizes and synchronizes the management of digital services on a unified platform of smart city digital solutions.

The current IoT landscape consists of a wide range of protocols and formats, giving rise to several key challenges: Unstructured data and multiple formats, resulting in difficulties in correlating data.
Working with existing systems proved to be a challenge because old systems were not networked or lacked digital capabilities.

The infrastructure of “GAIA-X 4 moveID” is intended as a basis for new digital business models around future mobility applications. These use cases include, for example, “smart parking”, which is communicated and applied in a completely digital way.

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