My Rituals and Rules of Corporate Culture


think, plan, act

Introduce culture for meeting and working methods

I am convinced that rituals and rituals in organizations help boost employee morale, increase engagement, and foster a supportive culture. Whether focused on celebrating individual and team achievements or bringing colleagues closer together, rituals enable the organization as a whole to achieve higher goals.

  • Culture diagnosis
  • Sustainable change of the corporate culture
  • Development of a mission statement
  • Further development of the management culture

Working methods ( mechanism )

  • ITIL implementation for
    • o Handling Incidents and Problems
    • o Change and Release Management
    • o Customer orientation
  • Prince2 Agile for projects
  • SCRUM for software development

Entrepreneur organization

  • Organize teams by service
  • Standardize and use tools and software for operations
  • ThinkTank in between managers and multipliers


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