Berkane province and Morocco into the future: Innovation and technology for the future


Berkane is embracing the future with an ambitious smart city project. The goal is to use technology to improve the quality of life for citizens, making the city more efficient, sustainable and livable. The entire administration has digitized processes by personally helping, with special counters, citizens who do not have the ability to use digital tools.

I had the honor of attending the 2. INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM – SMART CITY, and right away you can see that Berkane is not only committed to improving its own city, but also wants to become a model for other cities in Morocco and Africa.
By sharing the knowledge and experience gained, Berkane can help spread the smart city culture throughout the continent.
Everyone has an immense desire to learn and exchange experience, they are interested in the smallest aspects of other Use Cases implemented in other countries.

Some of the ongoing projects:

  • Smart mobility: Development of a more efficient public transportation network, with electric buses and electronic ticketing systems.
  • Smart Agritech: in regions where farming and the base is important to use resources well.
  • Smart energy management: Implementation of energy-efficient LED street lighting systems and development of renewable energy sources.
  • Smart waste management: Introduction of smart waste collection systems and implementation of waste recycling technologies.
  • Smart environment: Real-time monitoring of air and water quality to improve the health and well-being of citizens.
  • Smart governance: Use of digital platforms to improve communication between citizens and government, fostering participation and transparency.
  • Environmental monitoring: Use of sensors to monitor air, water and noise quality in the city.
  • Parks and green spaces: Creation of more parks and green spaces to improve citizens’ quality of life and combat urban heat island effects.
  • Smart water management: Implementation of smart irrigation systems to reduce water consumption.

Berkane’s journey toward becoming a smart city is well underway. These initiatives have immense potential to improve the quality of life for residents, create a more sustainable future, and position Berkane as an example of urban innovation. Overall, Berkane offers a unique blend of culture, nature, and economic potential.
All this territorial innovation are well cordinated through an HUB of Innovation. Majal Berkane is more than just an innovation hub: it is a catalyst for progress. That helps unleash all potential and help realize ideas. With a focus on innovative solutions and territorial intelligence, Majal Berkane empowers its members to tackle development challenges and achieve sustainable growth.
If the city continues to embrace new technologies and engage its citizens, Berkane’s future looks bright and smart.

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