ASTRID, the launch of our new Innovation Hub for Germany


WOBCOM, Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG, FIWARE and more join forces to establish new network for digital startup and innovation promotion in the heart of Europe.

The partners of ASTRID iHUB meet in Wolfsburg, top-class speakers, exemplary transfer projects as well as innovations of international organizations and companies – at the FutureCongress-digital on October 6, 2021, everything revolved around open source, 5G and AI.
They discussed how the hub is going to operate across north Germany and how it is going to be linked into the European network of Digital Innovation HUB.



The ASTRID iHUB was also officially opened as part of the hybrid event. A new platform in Wolfsburg to help (further) develop practical digital applications and business models that create added value for citizens, municipalities, companies and other stakeholders – in Wolfsburg and in other regions around the world. Around 200 people from all over the world – from municipalities, politics, business and research – exchanged ideas at eye level in various sessions, panel discussions, real-life demonstrations and an evening event.



From September 2020, the new iHUB based in Wolfsburg, together with other network partners, aims to drive forward innovative digital products and innovation while also supporting startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Regional (North Germany) Innovation Hub is funded by the Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and WOBCOM. As a part of FIWARE iHUB intends to capitalise on the opportunities of the region and to strengthen its multidisciplinary network.

The newly created iHUB will integrate well into the already vast and vibrant network, and we look forward to addressing the innovation challenges facing Europe through synergistic and collaborative working with our iHUB peers.

The high-tech landscape in northern Germany continues to develop at a rate that signals the willingness of companies to embrace digital transformation.

European companies are gaining momentum in digital transformation initiatives using machine learning and artificial intelligence.
I think we needs a whole bunch of software engineers, data scientists, coders, programmers, etc. we don’t necessarily have today. So we’ve got to focus on talent transformation in order for companies in the software sector and elsewhere to accelerate their digital roadmaps.

I look forward to fruitful collaborations that can improve the community across Europe.

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