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Digital technologies and sustainability are now inextricably linked, as IoT, analytics, and metrics are becoming increasingly essential to business operations. Digital technologies are now being used to examine and monitor progress toward achieving sustainability goals, improving resource efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and developing a circular economy through regenerative business practices.

Our partners as the world’s leading providers of professional IT solutions and services, Dell Technologies and NVIDIA support customers of all sizes in their digital transformation. Based on the excellent results of the cooperation in Germany, the two companies have decided to expand their cooperation in the area of smart cities and IoT. The continued expansion of our platform through supporters relevant to our field of application is one of the keys to our continued profitable growth.
The two partners chose to invest in our Innovation HUB ASTRID.dev, and today after many successes we are reaping the benefits of this investment.

Dell Technologies and NVIDIA to Provide the Essential Infrastructure to Enable Digital Business and Transform IT

DELL ASTRID.dev Wolfsburg

DELL ASTRID.dev Wolfsburg

The purpose of this agreement is to establish close cooperation between the two ASTRID,dev partners in research and innovation in order to leverage their complementary capabilities.

ASTRID iHUB conducts cutting-edge research in the smartX technologies of mobility, AI, City, innovation. Our ihub activities range from conducting non-technical studies to prototyping complex system solutions throughout the information processing chain.

NVIDIA Smart Spaces & Cities

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