AI and IoT are transforming lives and beginning to transform our cities too


Not only do you have to have more ideas than others, but you also have to have the ability to decide which of those ideas are good.

Experts and decision-makers met on February 08-09, 2023, are actively engaged in finding the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in solving various data analytics and decision making problems related to Smart Cities.
This workshop had focus on bringing together engineerigs and practitioners working on systems and applications in the Smart City domain .the majority smart city related problems could potentially be discussed or solved using AI , can be presented in this workshop by researchers from industry and academia.

AI and IoT help bring about a smart city experience

The Smart Cities Workshop aims to bring together researchers, and academics in the field of artificial intelligence and smart cities to discuss the main challenges, issues, research problems and potential applications to support smart cities using the AI.
Special thanks go to Prof. Michael Prange who supervised the Workshop and discussed the results. Thank you for your priceless support and motivation. A big thanks to ECO e.V. and NVIDIA fir supporting us in our activities.

A creative idea is just an idea until something is done with it. You must do something or you are not creative. This is the scope of ASTRID iHUB, to give innovative ideas a chance of success.

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