Innovation, the act of discovery is entirely a human story


Technology is important, but it is not everything. I think the future depends not only on sensational innovations, but also on “social techniques,” human forms of cooperation, emotions and psychological processes. Creativity is the ability to combine existing elements with new connections.

Humanist technological futurism examines the future from the perspective of the human being, his becoming and his wholeness.
As a humanist futurist, I am convinced that we can consciously shape the future trough technology or apocalyptic exaggerations..

“Contrary to a widespread belief, the humanities are not clearly demarcated from the natural sciences. However remote the phenomena presented by scientific methods may appear, all knowledge must be processed by the human mind. The act of discovery is an entirely human story.”

(Edward O. Wilson, “The Origins of Creativity” p. 186).

If one wants to understand the future, one must listen to the quiet tones, not the noise. Looking ahead implies a reflection on inner patterns of expectation.

It also always involves questioning oneself: Who are we? What can we recognize? Where do we go wrong and for what reasons?

I would like to distinguish between the future as imagination and fiction and the future as potential for improvement.
Looking to the future positively involves reflection on inner patterns of expectation. Technological humanistic futurism I believe in, where the humanities, natural and systemic sciences enter into new connections.
Contrary to common belief, the humanities are not distinct from science. Each permeates the other.

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