Interplay of IoT and mobility for the implementation of mobility solutions


We need to push for production, implementation of real business cases and go to market!

Gaia-x 4 Future Mobility 25-26 April 2023

In the future, mobility and also its social understanding will continue to change. Innovative business models, new concepts and new technologies are pointing the way and attempting to shape the ecosystem of future-oriented mobility by networking various disciplines. The Internet of Things in particular can play a decisive role in this, and not only in the smart city context. The combination of IoT and mobility can help to develop, implement and establish innovative mobility solutions.

The generation of data and the use of different data sources can be a key driver here. We want to show how such implementations can look in practice and what role data rooms and data marketplaces can play in this.

Kai Meinke, Co-Founder, deltaDAO AG presented the project moveID – Possibilities of a more transparent, secure and decentralized data economy.

Kai Meinke, Kim Jamal Lammert, Tatjana Hein, Giovanni Coppa

Wolfsburg – Opportunities of digitalization for urban mobility

Open Digital Platform (ODP) – The Intelligent Smart City Operating System of the Future

The Open Digital Platform (ODP) is a key component in the digital infrastructure underpinning Wolfsburg’s Smart City ambitions, but also for Germany.

I am honored to have contributed to the realization of this event. Very important for innovation in Germany. The ODP is designed to integrate various smart city solutions including:

  • Facilities, building management systems
  • Smart District cooling system
  • Waste conveyancing system
  • Autonomous goods delivery systems
  • Access and security systems
  • Parking systems
  • Traffic systems
  • Autonomous vehicles

The ODP’s key features include: Communication with different smart city technologies, Digital Twin, Interoperability with the Europen Digital Standards, Real-time monitoring of Smart District and facility systems and operations, Data ingestion, transformation, and analytics.

Leveraging the potential of the ODP, the adoption of Use Case Mobility like project as MOVEID could be progressively reduce the CO2 emission as much as 30% when compared to the national average.

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