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The Fiware and WOBCOM’s Smart Parking solution enables direct navigation to the nearest free parking space near the destination and offers a direct link to local retailers, who in return can pay the parking costs.
Mobility is one of the nine core domains of the European data strategy. And the mobility data space project is laying the foundation for the data-driven mobility of the future.

Die Mobilität der Zukunft „beginnt nämlich bei der Tasse Kaffee am Frühstückstisch

Minister Andreas Scheuer, Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur.

In addition to a significant reduction of parking search traffic, the local retail trade in the vicinity of the selected parking space is also strengthened by intelligent networking. The Mobility Data Space enables the secure transmission of data and offers the opportunity to scale the solution through the uncomplicated inclusion of additional data from several providers.

This PoC has turned into a major Gaia-X project for the GaiaX4FutureMobility family, called MOVEID.

Decentralized solutions and the development of essential technology components for this purpose, such as new digital identity concepts in particular, are indispensable because they can prevent closed ecosystems with lock-in effects and high windfall profits by monopolistic platform intermediaries. At the same time, mobility services can be developed on this basis while ensuring high data protection and security requirements.
The mobility of the future is digital – and thus depends significantly on the collection, provision and processing of data.
In addition, networked and intelligent systems are also playing an increasingly important role. In order to be able to guarantee trustworthiness, transparency and sovereignty in the handling of data, previous closed systems must be replaced by standardized, non-discriminatory access. In this context, a secure digital identity as the basis for all networked services is of particular importance.

DATA SPACE RADAR Faster IDS breakthroughs are within range

Short video from MDS for ITS Mobility

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