our Case story with DELL Technologies


I think that the fundamental reason why DELL chose us was because.the strong realistic impact, background and experience in Data Center and Smart City equipment, along with the in-depth knowledge of development and management of the operations team.
I think this is what DELL saw when they asked us to create this Case Story that I can share with you today.
WOBCOM implemented a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure for its forward-looking smart city platform ODP. This brings the city of Wolfsburg and municipalities throughout Germany a step closer to the goal of the Smart City.

Our activities in R&D

We live in a world that is constantly evolving, any Smart City platform that needs to mix any type of use case into any solution will benefit from a speed mixer. Our solutions are used in Smart City platforms and are at the forefront of innovation. Therefore, we also want to continuously improve and adapt to the rapidly changing needs of Smart City activities in every sector, for example, in mobility.
In addition, we support everyone, but especially our employees, to enjoy learning and grow professionally through genuine experience. Above all, we strive to motivate them and make them passionate about what they do.
All this through a reliable partners who is always ready to bet on innovation. See our

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