FutureCongress.Digital 2023


What opportunities does artificial intelligence offer for tomorrow's smart mobility and what solutions are already available today?
Culture, current events, great guests, projects and reflections on the world of artificial intelligence and mobility condensed into one very successful day.  It is a more than positive balance that of the third edition of "Futurecongres.Digital," which animated Wolfsburg for a day. 

With the leading theme “Innovating with Artificial Intelligence and Smart Mobility,” the 3rd FutureCongress.digital held on October 11, 2023 at phaeno Wolfsburg addressed the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) with its opportunities and challenges for a wide range of stakeholders.
In this regard, excellent pioneers, visionaries and guests from the mobility, smart city and business sectors provided numerous insights and impulses. The congress was devoted to various focal points, including creating environmentally friendly and livable cities with the help of artificial intelligence, the importance of digital infrastructure for AI applications and mobility solutions, and the promotion of connected mobility.

“We are already implementing many projects here in Wolfsburg with ASTRID, which form the basis for numerous national and European activities and innovations. We are the link between academic theory and practical implementation and have the infrastructure to realize projects in the right timeframe.”

Giovanni Coppa, Coordinator ASTRID IHUB.

The congress featured rich talks centered on a series of discussions and reflections with young international entrepreneurs and politicians, coordinated by Emma Wehrwein and the girls from ECO e.V.
Many insights emerged from the stage in the presence of important guests. Then, of course, space for exhibitors with the presentation of important projects and inventions and discussion with companies.

This day offered the city a day of great participation and a large and lively attendance that certainly also benefited the innovative activities in the area. Thanks in part to the “after congress” initiatives organized by ASTRID iHUB and Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and dedicated to startups.

Once again this year the choice of Phaeno as the venue for the Congress proved to be apt. We have succeeded in demonstrating its great potential by transforming it into a place of culture and confrontation of “minds” and reflection on issues of close relevance.
Seeing the participation of so many young people is a source of great satisfaction for us and proof that we have taken the right path in the dissemination of innovative culture.
This congress proves to be a top-notch event and I want to thank first of all the Team for their great work, along with all the speakers and exhibitors. The great guests who came to attend were able to appreciate our hospitality, and this is also a nice postcard for our iHUB.

thank to the sponsors DELL Technologies and NVIDIA

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